We love receiving feedback from our lovely customers, see a selection of recent feedback below:

  • Friend recommended this E-book for the pre op diet

    Friend recommended this E-book for the pre op diet. Being severely overweight and opting for the bypass I was given a basic plan to do and new it would be extremely challenging. I thought I would give Ashleigh’s plan a try 3 weeks before my op date and found it amazing. I lost 12lbs in my first week and decided to continue until my op. I lost in total 28lbs and delighted with the results. I have since had surgery and on liquid stage and cant wait to try the recipes at puree stage especially the broccoli and cheese soup. This plan is so quick and easy to follow and not expensive. The meals are really beautiful and not boring at all. Highly advise this for the pre op diet.

    Pauline Evans

  • Low carb recipes

    Delicious low carb recipes. Really easy to make. Keeping me on track

    Paul Richie

  • Completed the 7 day kick start plan for pre op, Thrilled with the results!

    Just completed the 7 day kick start plan for pre op. My nurse emailed me through a plan to stick to but thought it to be very boring and new I wouldn’t stick to it. As I was following Gastric inspired recipes on Facebook and with all the amazing results from friends completing the plan I thought I would give this a go for pre op. I was able to stick to it throughout the 2 weeks and lost 18lbs. I didn’t feel like I was on a diet. Thrilled with the results! Highly recommend.

    Gillian Conner

  • Thought the price was too good to be true

    I emailed Ashleigh to ask if it was an ongoing subscription as I thought the price was too good to be true of just one payment for full access. She emailed to confirm it was only £9.99 and nothing else to pay. Great bargain for what you get.

    Rebecca Adams

  • Delicious recipes

    Bought this for £9.99 as I have just started the solid stage of my journey. Delicious recipes with many to choose from. Not much of a cook but find these recipes to be very easy to make. Well worth £9.99

    Alan Tanner

  • "This plan is so easy to follow, lost over 3kg"

    I have been on the plan for two weeks now and have lost over 3kg or 6lb 6oz. I was never big, only need to lose about a stone altogether. This plan is so easy to follow and the meals are delicious and very filling. Thank so much gastric inspired recipes

    Phil-Karen Mathews (no surgery)


  • "Feel amazing! 9lbs down!"

    Reviewed earlier of how good the 7 day kick start stall plan was. Completed it last night. Weighed myself today. Thought it would be around 5 or 6 lbs down. Couldn’t believe it! 9 lbs down! Feel amazing! Highly highly recommend this.

    Stephanie Williams

  • "Very impressed"

    Lots of good recipes that are easy to follow. The 7 day plan is really helpful. You get a lot for £9.99. Very impressed. Would recommend.

    Steven Carlaw


  • "Chilli beef wraps are to die for!"

    Followed on Instagram. Saw the pictures of the recipes and had to buy. The chilli beef wraps are to die for!

    Thomas Patterson

  • "The 7 day plan recipes are really delicious, feeling lighter 4 days in"

    Purchased this last week and on day 4 of the 7 day meal plan. So far I’m finding the recipes really delicious. Love the fact I can choose what I want to eat that day from the list of recipes provided. Feeling lighter already! Looking forward to seeing the results on the scales.

    Stephanie Williams

  • "7 day meal plan helped me get back on track"

    During this pandemic, I was going off track eating rubbish and have been feeling so low for weeks until I came across Gastric inspired recipes. Ashleigh has been an amazing support, responding quickly to messages. I paid the £9.99 and did the 7 day meal plan getting me back on track. Feel amazing.

    Heather Johnson

  • "Lost 6lbs on the 7 day kick start stall plan"

    I was really struggling with my stall which lasted around 6 weeks, 8 months after having a sleeve.  Nothing I did would kick start the weight loss until I came across your plan advertised on Instagram. I stuck to the plan religiously for 7 days and lost 6lbs. Thrilled with the results. Would highly recommend.

    Jane Bishop

  • "It has been the best way for me to lose weight especially the 7 day kickstarter plan. I lost 8 pounds!!!"

    The recipes are so easy to follow and they are truly delicious… it has been the best way for me to lose weight especially the 7 day kickstarter plan. I lost 8 pounds!!!
    Cannot recommend this e book, website and recipes enough. looking forward to additional recipes being added monthly.

    Frosoulla Kyriacou

  • "The recipes are easy to follow and delicious..."

    The recipes are easy to follow and delicious.

    Laureen Gilmour

  • "Loving your recipes..."

    Excellent breakfast this morning – loving your recipes

    Sara Gallagher