About Me

Welcome to what I believe will be a life changing journey for you. My own life has changed beyond belief since undergoing weight loss surgery back in 2019. I feel fitter and motivated to live life to the full. Feeling happier and healthier has in turn, greatly improved my confidence. I am loving the world of ‘colourful’ fashion that has at long last opened its doors to me! My before and after pictures speak for themselves!

Prior to this, I ate everything in sight and never felt full or satisfied, which led to my being overweight. The more my weight increased, the unhappier I became, socialising less and lacking interest in my appearance. Eventually I decided enough was enough and got into a routine of eating healthy foods, however I still couldn’t lose weight as I struggled to control my portion sizes. Having tried every diet under the sun, I decided that weight loss surgery was the right path for me. Finally deciding to have surgery has changed my life for the better and the only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner. I realised however that having weight loss surgery was a tool that I had to work with in order for it to be effective. In my efforts to gain a better understanding of post surgery life and eating habits, I explored many books and websites and came to the conclusion that although there was good advice, the recipes failed to excite me.

Coming from a family in the restaurant business, I had the knowledge to create new and exciting recipes. This would encourage me to stay on track and really enjoy what I was cooking and eating on my journey. I don’t feel you can create a recipe e-book/website like this without having undergone weight loss surgery and the daily experiences that entails.

Creating this has helped me realise that food after weight loss surgery doesn’t have to be boring!

My aim is to inspire and encourage you to be creative in the kitchen for a successful post surgery lifestyle which will in turn boost confidence and bring the happiness you truly deserve.

Happy cooking!


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